Top 7 healthy eating tips for for new mums

You’ve just given birth and your life has changed. Staying in the healthy ‘zone’ is now even harder than ever that you have one more person to take care of.

That the tiny bundle of joy would take over your life in so many different ways ,you would have never imagined. Not only do you have to manage your new-born, you also have to manage household chores including shopping and cooking as well.

All this could take it’s toll on you, both physically and mentally.

Just eating food at the right time becomes a challenge, let alone eating healthy, when you are not in control of your time anymore.

But fret not because we’ve got 7 top tips for you that are time and baby friendly and can be executed to perfection.

1. Drink more water: It is quite easy to forget about water because just like breathing we take water intake for granted.

Set yourself up for success: Water should be within your line of sight always. Buy a 750ml water bottle (BPA free) which you can keep sipping in periodic intervals to keep up the fluid intake. Aim to take in at least 2 litres of water a day.

2. Stock your kitchen with healthy food. If you go shopping and buy packaged and sugary snacks, there is more than a 50% chance that you’ll end up eating it.

Set yourself up for success: Do not be tempted by promotions in supermarkets. Try and avoid pre-packaged sugary or salty snacks. If it has an amber or red food ingredient rating against sugar or salt, it is best avoided.

3. Eat more local and seasonal produce. A 2017 study by Imperial College London recommends eating 10 a day fruits and vegetables. Whilst the jury is out on the exact number what everyone agrees is that eating fresh produce is good for your health.

Local and seasonal greens contain a lot of nutrients including vitamins that you and your baby will benefit from, especially whilst feeding. They function as the natural building blocks for your baby’s immune system.

Set yourself up for success: Download a local and seasonal calendar and try and eat a mix of different fruits and veggies. You can eat fresh or frozen but in season fresh produce contains the best nutrients and antioxidants required for your family

4. Cook in bulk and prep your meals. Cooking in bulk and storing kills two birds in one stone.

You don’t have draw upon your limited will power to cook on a day when your baby has decided to cry all day. Second, you know well in advance what you are going to eat, so you can plan in advance for healthy days during the week.

Set yourself up for success: Invest in a slow cooker or a steamer and some Tupperware. Cook on a Sunday night and store for the rest of the week in Tupperware boxes in the fridge/freezer.

5. Build a reference list of quick and easy meal recipes. Any meal that takes 15 -30 minutes to cook is ideal.

Set yourself up for success: Go for quick and easy recipes including stir fries. A portion of carbs (e.g. brown rice), a portion of protein (e.g. Oily fish) and a portion of vegetables usually does wonders. Have Soy Sauce and fresh lemon handy to whip up a quick sauce for the veggies or the protein component.

6. Make it convenient for yourself. Accept that the initial phase of having a baby will be challenging.

Set yourself up for success: Arrange for shopping to be delivered home or ask your partner or immediate family members, if they are willing to help with the cooking from time to time.

7. And last but not least — be kind to yourself. It is easy to beat yourself up and try and get everything perfect. Research has shown that it takes new moms five months to adapt. Even if you are not able to stick to a healthy eating schedule, gently try again next time. Baby steps are all it takes!

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