Profile of our Salad Grower: LJ Betts

Gavin, our Operations Manager, is continuously on the lookout for new growers who need an avenue to sell their wonky or surplus produce!!

We started sourcing produce from LJ Betts very recently and have been getting several different types of lettuce as well as some spinach.

Obviously, salad and spinach are not really wonky so you might be wondering why they find their way in your box?

Essentially supermarkets will give the growers a forecast of what they expect the orders to be at a certain point in time, the growers will then plant based on this forecast. If the actual orders are different, these salads become surplus and growers don’t have an outlet to sell them. Because salads have a limited shelf life, they can’t really store them and so they get ploughed back into the ground. This was until OddBox got in touch!

Laurence J Betts Ltd is a longstanding family business based near West Malling in Kent producing salads and cereals. It is a true family business still being run by the fourth generation of the Betts family- Stephen J Betts as CEO and Ian S Betts as Arable Production Manager. There is a team of 31 full time members of staff with 110 seasonal workers during the growing season.

Over the past few weeks, we have been sourcing some Red Oak Batavia and Green Salanova which you might not typically find in supermarkets as we love to introduce you to new varieties and give you some insights on what is in season.

LJ Betts is committed as a company to give something back and this includes both to the environment and the people within it. That’s the ethos we also thrive by and the reason we are delighted to work with LJ Betts.