Profile of an OddBox-upper!

We met Oli when we moved to our first warehouse almost a year ago. Oli was working for the team at Good and Proper Tea with whom we shared our warehouse space and soon after joined the OddBox packing team on Friday night.

Oli is an amazing person and behind his eccentric dressing sense and funky hairstyle, you find a genuine, funny and deeply fascinating person.

Our Friday evenings packing at the warehouse, yes that was our special way of spending our Fridays after work:), were a joy with Oli around, hearing about his stories of studying yoga in India, partying in East London and performing one-man shows in comedy clubs.

Oli was a teacher for several years and loves working with kids but a few years ago he realised he was keen to move into theatre. He was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August this year, performing his children’s show: Dr. Zeiffal, Dr. Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught! which has been a huge success and will be back in London for half-term at the Oval House. If you have kids, don’t miss it!!!

You can buy tickets online at

If you don’t have children, you might be more interested in another show in which Oli is currently performing and which has been featured on Timeout called Beauty and the Feast. Get your tickets at We will be there to enjoy Oli’s performance on one of the weekdays in November!

Oli is performing everyday except Friday, when he is at the OddBox warehouse lovingly helping pack your boxes.

Here is a shot of Oli just before the show so you know who to look for!!!!

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